Editing Translations Guide

This guide describes how to edit an existing Holiline Reminder™ translation. To add a new translation please use another guide.


Using Launchpad, you can help translate Holiline Reminder™ into your own language.
All you need are your Launchpad account and a web browser.
Launchpad saves your time by automatically suggesting possible translations from its library of millions of strings.

Launchpad translations

Getting Started

  1. Create an account on Launchpad.net.
  2. Tell Launchpad which languages you want to work with.
  3. Open the list of translations. You should see the languages you have chosen in the previous step.
  4. Make sure that the translation is already modified (has translated phrases).
    Otherwise try to find your language in the full list of translations or follow steps to add a new translation.
  5. Click on a language to start editing.
    • If you want to translate a specific phrase, use Search.
      Launchpad search
    • If you want to edit untranslated phrases, choose “untranslated items” and click “Change”.
      Launchpad - edit untranslated phrases

Get Notified When New Phrases Are Added

Basic rules

  • When you have translated a string, read it again and see if there are any error or the translations sound right in your language.
  • If the translated string does not make sense for you (or your mother/father), definitely it is wrong and you should redo/rephrase it.
  • If you are unsure in the context or meaning of an original phrase, do not translate it before you ask (and get answered) your question here or by e-mail.

What should not be translated

Data placeholders and variable names

A developer can insert data into a string by using a placeholder such as %1 or %2. Copy these variables and placeholders exactly as you see them, placing them in the exact order in whichever part of the string makes most sense in the target language.

If you’re in doubt, ask a question.

Parser Variables and Arguments

Some phrases in Holiline Reminder™ are assembled using a parser.
These templates can contain uppercase words in curly brackets {} and regular expressions in angle brackets <>.

Usually you do not need to translate templates. That is why your translation of such phrases will be declined in most cases.

If you think that a template should be changed please write an e-mail to us or ask a question

Getting the result

Once you edited a translation it is checked by a moderator. Usually it happens once a business day.
Your translation can be approved, declined or modified if it contains mistakes.
When it is finally approved it is automatically submitted to a server.
On every start Holiline Reminder checks for a new translation and download it if there are any changes.
The whole process from editing a translation to updating it in the application takes 2-4 business days.