Downloading …

If your download didn’t start, click here.

1. Download and Open

Click the Holiline Archive ZIP file that just downloaded in your browser.

2. Run the Installer

Double click the Holiline Setup file.

3. Allow to install the application

If you see this dialog click Yes in Windows 7 or More Info and Run Anyway in Windows 8 to proceed with the installation. Why am I seeing this warning?

4. Close Holiline Reminder

If you see this dialog right click the Holiline Reminder icon in the Task Bar and click Exit. Then click OK in the dialog.

5. Complete the installation

Follow the wizard steps to install Holiline Reminder to your computer or other device.

6. Getting started

You should see the program panel on the bottom of your screen. Right click the panel to customize appearance or open the Events Editor.

Why am I seeing this warning?

The reason Windows is detecting Holiline Reminder as a possible risk is because Holiline Reminder is an unsigned application – that means that it is not digitally linked to Holiline LLC. as the app publisher. A digital signature of an application costs up to $2000/year and we avoid it to keep Holiline Reminder free. As a safety precaution, Windows 7 and Windows 8 will display this warning for any unsigned applications that have been downloaded from the internet.

How do I know it is safe?

We take care with our build machines to ensure no viruses or malware will come packaged with the application executable. We have also uploaded the application to for your peace of mind (see the results here). But if you are still concerned, run a virus scan on the downloaded file to be sure there is nothing bad in the download.